LPTK should be Revitalized

Republika, page 5

The Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Mohammad Nasir, emphasized that revitalization of the Institute of Teachers’ Education (LPTK) is necessary to upgrade the quality of education in Indonesia. This was a point he raised at a meeting of Rectors and Vice Rectors of LPTK across Indonesia in Medan on Saturday (20/5).

Nasir explained that there were 41 State Universities (PTN) of 422 LPTK. From this number, 7 percent have study programs accredited A, 35 percent accredited B, and 23 percent accredited C, while 35 percent lack accreditation.

Nasir views this as a matter of great concern. Moreover, the rankings in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and Trends International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMS) are also low. This is an indication that revitalization of LPTK is necessary to provide education for teachers in accordance with their needs.

Nasir said that Indonesia currently has a large number of teachers. However, upgrading of their competence is a major requirement. Thus there is a need for greater synergy between Kemenristekdikti and Kemendikbud, for in this way, teachers will be able to gain the education they require.

Nasir said that revitalization of the LPTK program should be able to present the quality upgrade of input, process, as well as output, and measured outcomes. He also stated that all of the revitalized LPTK should apply National Standards of Higher Education Number 44 Year 2015.


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