Strengthen Diversity

Kompas, page 15

Learning about diversity in schools should be intensified so that learners have a firm fundamental understanding. The spirit of pluralism in students is strengthened early in order to avoid prejudices that break the unity of the nation. So far, it is done just as a formality and with minimal learning creations. Member of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences Yudi Latif, during a dialogue with participants of the Diversity Teachers’ School or Sekolah Guru Kebhinekaan (SGK) said in Jakarta, Saturday (20/5), that many symbolic things occur in schools that should not only be seen in the framework of building students’ basic understanding of diversity.

SGK was initiated by Yayasan Cahaya Guru (YCG) to provide a fundamental understanding of diversity to teachers. This year, the initiative was held the second time with 35 participants. Participants from various high schools (SMA) in Jakarta, Banten, and West Java.

Yudi exemplifies the flag hoisting ceremony in a school strong with the meaning of diversity in unity. With the national Merah Putih (red and white) flag as a center, the activity reflects all the citizens of different schools from different backgrounds, but still have the same basic elements, namely blood (red) and bone (white).  According to Yudi, learning diversity in schools can be done in two ways. Firstly, through art, both music as well as literature. Secondly, through practical activities or concrete actions, such as out of classroom camping and working on social projects in the community.

Meanwhile, Teachers’ Light Foundation (Yayasan Cahaya Guru) Chairperson Henny Supolo Sitepu stated, SGK is a space for teacher encounters to understand and spread diversity in schools. The teachers are “taught” to understand the diversity of Indonesia not only as knowledge, but especially awareness. It is done both in classroom teaching and outside activities.

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