Kemendikbud Awaits School Mapping Report

Republika, page 5

Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) said that the government has instructed the mapping of schools prone to brawls/fighting in each region. Currently, the data is already in the respective provincial education agencies.

Mendikbud, Muhadjir Effendy said that based on the mapping results, almost all provinces have brawl-prone schools. However, he stated that DKI Jakarta is the most urgent area to be handled. Mendikbud said that intensive coaching will be conducted on students. The goal is to study the pattern of students’ behavior.

Mendikbud wants to know how students utilize spare time, free hours, time after school exams and others. He added that from here a study would be made on when and where students could potentially start their misconduct; ranging from vandalism to fights.

Previously, Kemendikbud planned to map schools that are prone to brawls in a number of areas in Indonesia. Kemendikbud believes that schools should have critical-time maps for children, namely after school before arriving home.

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