Standard of Competence Urgent

Kompas, page 15

Indonesia must prepare appropriate human resources based on competence.  Otherwise, this country is certain to have difficulty in reaping the benefits of the demographic bonus and to realize the ideals of becoming the world’s eighth largest economy in 2045. Therefore, the Indonesian national work competence standard (SKKNI) needs to be affirmed, which can be a reference for education and training institutions, including higher education and vocational education.   It was announced by the Chairman of the National Board of Professional Certification (BSNP) Sumarna F Abdurahman, at the University of Indonesia, Monday (22/5).

According to Sumarna, lately there has been a shift in the competency map required by the working world.  In the 1980s, Indonesia faced a labor crisis in the operator and technical-level.  Currently it is shifting to the difficulty of finding managerial workforce and upwards. Based on observation of the job market conducted by the Ministry of Manpower, only about 40 percent of the workforce could be recruited. In the online job market too only about 40-55 percent meet company requirements.

Sumarna said it was time the government allocates budget on industry to develop SKKNI. According to Sumarna, he encourages the establishment of a funding system for the development of expertise to accelerate the provision of qualified human resources. Indonesia should prepare qualified human resources in the maritime, tourism, and creative economy sectors with the support of infrastructure sector development.

Director of UI Vocational Education Programs Sigit Pranowo Hadiwardoyo said the education world strives hard to produce graduates who are ready for work/ entrepreneurship. Vocational graduates are rendered with competency certificates as proof of their appropriate competency with the world of work. Therefore, Sigit said, UI Vocational Program established the First Party Certification Institution (LSP-P1) so that all graduates are certified.

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