Avoid Dictating Students

Kompas, page 16

It is time for education in school to abandon the pattern of dictating to students so that the truth is not solely derived from the teacher. The tyranny of the teacher’s version of one correct answer is irrelevant to the educational practice that liberates the child. The diversity of ideas is a necessity. This was conveyed by Head of Research and Development Agency Kemdikbud Totok Suprayitno. He said students should be accustomed to receiving diversity in ideas, and thoughts so they are accustomed to differences of thoughts, views, or opinions. They also come to know that diversity is not just about ethnicity, religion, race, and intergroup.

One way, said Totok, is by reforming the assessment of students.  Although the national exam still provides multiple choice tests, teachers and schools are asked to revive lessons and assessments that make room for children to differ in opinion with logical reasons.

Head of Curriculum and Book Center Awaludin Tjalla explained that the reform in learning is done by implementing Curriculum 2013. All schools in academic year 2018/2019 apply this curriculum. The lessons conveyed to the students must be meaningful in relation to 21st century skills, supportive learning models, and quality textbooks.

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