Number Taking the Islamic State University Entrance Exam Increases

The number taking the Islamic State University Entrance Exam (UM-PTKIN) 2017 nationally has increased 4.5 percent compared to last year. This year, UM-PTKIN is being taken by 82,005 graduates of Islamic Senior High Schools (MA) or Senior High Schools (SMA) and their equivalent. UM-PTKIN was held collectively in 56 universities in Indonesia on Tuesday (23/5).

The Secretariat Coordinator of UM-PTKIN, Syamsul Huda, said that one of the reasons for the increasing number of participants for UM-PTKIN was due to the ease of registration and payment process. The registration process runs online, and the payment is through any bank with a virtual account.

Syamsul revealed that nationally the total number registered this year was 82,005 compared to 78,509 last year. This year there are two types of test: the Paper-Based Test (PBT) and Computer-Based Test (CBT). There were 15 sites for the CBT this year, which may be added to next year should each university have Human Resources (SDM), facilities, and infrastructure.

Syamsul explained that there were a total 39,388 places available in 56 Islamic universities for those taking the exam. The number of participants for UM-PTKIN this year consisted of 4,841 for natural science (IPA), 51,976 for social science (IPS), and 25,188 for combined science (IPC). The number for combined science had increased significantly this year, by 96 percent from last year’s 12,876 participants. Meanwhile, the number taking social science this year had decreased by 13.7 percent compared to last year’s 61,361 participants.

Based on the participants’ first choice, the five PTKIN with the largest number of participants are UIN Jakarta, UIN Yogyakarta, UIN Makassar, UIN Surabaya and UIN Lampung. Meanwhile, the big five of favorite study programs are Islamic Economic Law in UIN Aceh, Islamic Economics in UIN Surabaya, Pharmacy in UIN Makassar, Islamic Education in UIN Yogyakarta, and Islamic Education in UIN Surabaya. Results of the PTKIN entrance exam will be announced on June 19, 2017, and the participants will be able to access the results through the website provided by the committee on page



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