Pesantren Contributes to Nurturing Nationalism

Kompas, page 5

Education in the Islamic boarding school (pondok pesantren) environment contributes to character building while maintaining the spirit of nationalism. Education in boarding school provides students with the wisdom in religion in order to be in harmony with the spirit of nationalism of Indonesia. The role of ponpes (pondok pesantren) is in accordance with religious objectives, in harmony with the goals of the state, is also in line with the challenges of the future. In pesantren children can learn in length and intensively with real example. Pesantren equips children with high religious knowledge, good skills, and noble character.

Special Staff of the Ministry of Social Affairs Professor Mas`ud Said said that Indonesia is currently in a situation of needing wisdom and pondok pesantren is the answer to the nationality issue. Education in ponpes is very appropriate with the expectations of education. The reason is through pesantren, santri/ students obtain religious knowledge and provision of good morals and good deeds.  Santri also get world knowledge and are able to apply it.

According to the Special Staff of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Dr Abdul Wahid Mahtub, to master the future one must master technology. Japan and the United States could advance because they excel in the field of science and technology. Muslims have the potential to advance if they master science and practice it. He regrets the poor or superficial, even partial understanding and interpretation of Muslims towards Islam.  It also impacts on the practice hence making it difficult to move forward.

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