Researchers still not getting published

The Jakarta Post, page 10

With inadequate writing skills and short of funding, Indonesian researchers struggle to produce scientific papers for international journals.

Many do not make the cut to get a spot in competitive scientific journals, and some even pay to get their work published.

Mustofa, the head of Gadja Mada University’s (UGM) Graduate School of Medicine, said many of his students faced difficulties in preparing for good research proposals and in writing good theses because of limited writing skills.

Mustofa said during a two-day seminar and workshop on medical research writing at his campus, that is such a concern because they already take the writing subject in the very first semester of their study.

About 60 participants took part in the two-day seminar and workshop organized jointly by the study program and the Indonesia Medical Literacy (IMeL) community.

Mustofa, who is also a professor of pharmacology, said only 30 percent of the thesis manuscripts submitted by his postgraduate students to scientific journals were worth publishing.

Quoting data from the SCImago Journal & Country Rank, Mustofa said Indonesia was ranked 57th out of 239 countries listed based on the number of published scientific papers. Meanwhile in Asia, Indonesia is ranked 11th, far below our neighboring countries of Singapore and Malaysia.

According to the data, Indonesia published 39,719 scientific documents while Singapore and Malaysia, which are ranked 32nd and 35th, published 215,553 and181,251 documents, respectively.

On top of the list is the United State with over 9 million documents followed by China with over 4 million, then the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, each with over 2 million documents.

The director of intellectual property management of the Research, Technology, and Higher Education Ministry, Sadjuga, said that a low research budget resulted in the low quality of scientific. This limits opportunities for lecturers to conduct research. Sadjuga said the ministry had been trying to increase research funding to increase the number of scientific articles published.

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