Student Mapping is Considered Weak

Republika, page 5

Madya researcher from the Center for Education and Culture Policy of Kemendikbud, Mahdiansyah mentions that teachers have weaknesses in the assessment of students. Assessment is still based on the outcome; teachers do not yet have the competence to make test questions for such assessment.

This was conveyed by Mahdiansyah in the National Seminar on Education and Culture in Kemendikbud, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (23/5).  Mahdiansyah described that one of the essences of curriculum reform from 2006 to 2013 is study outcome evaluation standards.  The evaluation is to know the education competency standard in Indonesia. The assessment is to know the competency standards of Indonesian education. He said that based on the research results the learning system is not as optimal as required.

He cited that grade assessment should be used to diagnose learning outcomes. So far students’ progress has not been used for the assessment of lesson outcomes. The government also conducts assessment through national examinations (UN). However, when the UN results are no longer a determinant of graduation, the learning outcomes become the responsibility of the educational units.

Mahdiansyah said that the issue is the teacher has not been able to translate the question lattices/ framework.  According to Mahdiansyah, with the new policy related to UN results, the government must strengthen the ability of assessment at the school level. He assumed that the assessment system should be given to the educational units. Although, according to him, the UN is still needed, but not as a census. Regional administrations can use the UN results for mapping and policy intervention.

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