Compulsory for Campuses to Develop Startup Entrepreneurs

Koran Sindo, page 2

The government hopes that universities would play a greater role in generating technology-based startup entrepreneurs. Technology-based startup businesses are still highly prospective for growth in Indonesia.

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti) M Nasir said, of the 270 million population Indonesia has only 56 million people who work as entrepreneurs. Of that number 99% of them open businesses in the informal micro business sector. Only 0.67% are tech-based entrepreneurs.

Menristekdikti explained the growth of technology-based start-up entrepreneurs faces the main problem of namely the lack of business knowledge and competencies in developing business. Therefore, Nasir hopes that universities could become a medium for their students to grow into technology-based entrepreneurs so that in future students are ready to build startup companies.

However, Nasir acknowledged the main problem faced by technology-based startups is the lack of knowledge and business competencies to develop the company. This condition prompted the Directorate of Technology-Based Startup Companies, Directorate General of Innovation Reinforcement to fund hundreds of tenant through the Technology Business Incubation (IBT) and Higher Education Technology Based Technology Startup Company (PPBT-PT) programs.


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