Schools Hold a Declaration of Diversity

Jawa Pos, page 30

Maarif Institute held a declaration of diversity school yesterday (25/5). School representatives from seven cities /regencies in six provinces attended. The event is a form of concern for the condition of the nation that is considered still fragile. Many reasons could cause division. Especially the inclusion of anti-Pancasila and anti-diversity ideologies.  Schools are considered the main basis for the power of diversity.

Maarif Institute Executive Director Muhammad Abdullah Darraz explained the declaration of diversity school is expected to have a positive impact on efforts to strengthen diversity. The national ideological pressure within the scope of education is considered very important and effective. The lack or deficiency of national ideology in the school environment could make education useless in the effort to maintain national unity.

He stated that schools participating in the declaration indirectly represent Indonesia in strengthening nationality and fortifying educational institutions from the understanding, ideology and division related to SARA (ethnic, religious, and racial relations).

Maarif Institute has conducted research in six provinces in Indonesia, and then mapped the school’s internal policies that reinforce or weaken diversity.  Darraz stated the objects of research were teachers of the subjects of religion, citizenship, and history.  They have room/space in the formation of an internal school policy.

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