Universities being Encouraged to have Innovation Consortium


The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) is encouraging universities to collaborate in forming a consortium with the food industry. The aim is to provide benefits for community through innovation and the resultant technology. The Director General for Innovation Enhancement of Kemristekdikti, Jumain Appe, said that the collaboration between universities and industries would target developing business models that are able to upgrade food productivity and competitiveness both nationally and internationally.

According to Jumain, such consortiums have been formed with a number of universities. One of the consortiums is developed by IPB. However, the results of such a consortium should be more broadly developed.

Kemristekdikti holds the Food Industry Forum to invite national agricultural and animal husbandry universities and entrepreneur associations as well as industry companies to formulate and develop steps to implement the consortium model and follow up on the actions implemented by universities. Jumain stated that Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) has implemented a number of consortiums. However, Kemristekdikti urged more and more universities to carry out the same action.

He believes that through innovation and technology universities and research agencies should be able to upgrade the nation’s competitiveness. There is a need to realize that Indonesia is a large market for global industry because of its high number of human resources. Recently, Indonesia was ranked 41st of 144 countries in regard to competitiveness, below Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand at the Asia level. He said that human resources and innovation were two items that should have been developed for a long time. During this time, universities and research agencies have respectively been run as such with the resultant innovation and technology produced just being at laboratory (handwork) level. In other words, the goal has been for science, and thus the innovation and technology has not been developed for the benefit of society as a whole.

Link: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/pendidikan/dunia-kampus/17/05/26/oqjg6y368-kampus-didorong-buat-konsorsium-inovasi

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