Vocational Education Targets Pesantren

Indopos, page 3

The current of digitalization and technological automation has changed the job character. Technology has eliminated a lot of conventional work. However, the presence of digital technology also presents many new job opportunities. Minister of Manpower M Hanif Dhakiri called on educational institutions, one of them is pesantren (Islamic boarding schools) to expand cooperation with industry and so that graduates could be in line with the needs of the labor market.

According to Hanif, one of the superiorities of pesantren alumni is having strong character, namely hard working, disciplined, self-reliant and honest. Hanif said a strong character is the asset in winning the job competition. Of course, it must be offset by the mastery of job competencies. According to Hanif, the mastery of employment skills is easier to do than instilling character.

The strong character possessed by pesantren graduates should be given competency training. Particularly vocational training in pesantren; he said the Ministry of Manpower has a vocational training program for the community. Hanif expects the involvement of the industrial world in vocational training development in pesantren; because the amount of budget is still limited.

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