Entrepreneurship Education Can Strengthen Character

Kompas, page 11

Entrepreneurship education in schools by providing experience in running a business is not merely about building entrepreneurial spirit in students from an early age. These efforts could be directed at strengthening character and skills according to the demands of the 21st century. Vice Principal of Highscope High School, Indonesia, Nurida said, the growing entrepreneurial spirit and competence among young people from an early age can encourages the spirit of love for Indonesian.  Later, they will develop entrepreneurial spirit to advance the indigenous products of the country with global competitiveness.

Entrepreneurship education is among others embodied in Business Day (Hari Wirausaha) activities for early childhood to senior high school students in Highscope School Indonesia to prepare students to be strong entrepreneurs and ethical leaders in the future. Business Day activities hone students’ skills in problem solving, complex thinking, being creative, and innovative, collaborative, to take risks, and manage money well.

Entrepreneurship strengthening is also applied in vocational education by applying a teaching factory or a workplace for students.  The activity is not only to improve the competence of learners. Practice work in the teaching factory established by vocational education institutions has the potential to hone character and soft skills which are also important in the world of work.

According to Head of the Jakarta Fisheries Academy/College (STP) Mochammad Heri Edy, STP Jakarta, which is one of the higher education units under the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, uses the vocational education system, with the teaching factory approach.   The proportions are 70 percent practice and 30 percent theory. The teaching factory approach brings together the real world of business and industry into the campus. Students or cadets in the Fishery Products Processing Study Program, for example, are trained to run the processing business in accordance with established standards.

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