Quality of Higher Education Institutions (PTs) in Indonesia still Disparate

Media Indonesia, page 23

The quality of higher education institutions (PT) as well as study programs is currently yet to be in ideal condition. There is still disparity when viewed from the PT and study program (prodi) accreditation results. Data from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek and Dikti) showed that from 4,472 universities in Indonesia, only 50 are accredited A and for prodi  only 2,512  are accredited A or only 12% out of a total of 20,254 accredited study programs.

Director of Quality Assurance Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs, Kemenristek and Dikti, Aris Junaidi, said that there is a close correlation between the accreditation of PTs and study programs with the competencies of graduates. Higher Education (Dikti) data in March 2017 stated there are 124 state PTs, 3,127 private PTs, and 175 ministry/ institution owned PTs, 968 private Islamic religious universities (PTAIS) and 78 state Islamic universities (PTAIN).

Out of these figures the University National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT) data states that only 1,131 PTs were accredited, with details of 50 accredited A, 345 accredited B, and 736 PTs accredited C.  The remaining 7,829 have not been accredited. Considering the issues the Directorate General of Quality Assurance of Kemenristek and Dikti has designed priority programs to improve the quality of PTs and the competencies of PT graduates in Indonesia.

The program is Flagship University Foster Program, Private University/Kopertis Strengthening Program, Internal Quality Assurance System Clinic, and Graduate Competency Program. The programs become the task of PTs already having excellent study programs. The universities (PTs) are asked to submit a proposal to be set as Coach Flagship PT.

In 2017, out of 34 proposals submitted, the Quality Assurance Directorate determined 26 Foster PTs to coach one to three universities coaching/organizing 20 study programs respectively.  Aris explained that the benefits are the PTs could share various experiences.  PTs with good accreditation could foster other PTs in order to be independent and improve quality. There is compensation and honorarium from the grant budget for professional services from the coaching PTs.


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