School Children’s Nutrition Program Expanded

Kompas, page 11. Saturday, May 27

The School Children’s Nutrition Program or Progas through meals together in elementary school is expanded in an effort to support the improvement of student learning achievement. In 2016, Progas targeted 38,457 students in 146 primary schools in two provinces. This year, Progas is conducted in 563 primary schools in five provinces. Progas 2017 was launched at SD Nasional Kristen Naskat Mathias 3 Langgur, in Southeast Maluku Regency, Friday (26/5).

Director of SD Development Kemdikbud Wowon Widaryat said the program initiated by the central government is conducted in areas that have the support of regional administrations to implement sustainable Progas. Nutrition interventions to students in school are required; because, there are many children aged 6-14 years with poor nutrition.  Through Progas, nutrition education is also provided to students, teachers, and parents. No less important, is the habituation of character to run a clean and healthy lifestyle since childhood.

According to Wowon, the results of this program are positive for students. School attendance rates in schools are increasing, as well as the occurrence of weight gain. This year, Progas is upgraded to five provinces with a target of around 100,000 primary school (SD) students. In Maluku, the program targets Southeast Maluku Regency (92 SD and 10,849 students).  Other areas are NTT, Papua, West Papua, and Banten. Funds provided by the central government to support the eating together activities are for 120 days.

Meanwhile, the Principal of SD Nasional Kristen Mathias 3 Langgur Veronika K Rettob said, the food processing made of local materials/ingredients is assisted by parents, in the hope that they practice it at home. Nutritious meals are distributed to students during recess.

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