Students Can Take Cross-Major Subjects

Kompas, page 11. Saturday, May 27

High school Interest Specialization system according to Curriculum 2013 gives more choices to students in which students can take cross major subjects. The goal is that students can develop according to their potentials as well as still be able to pursue the field that they are interested in even though outside their majors.  Head of Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Totok Suprayitno said, with the interest specialization system, students are divided into three majors in grade XI. However, they have a chance of as much as 408 hours each week to take cross major subjects.

Post graduate lecturer of Yogyakarta State University (UNJ), Suwardjo said that the spirit of the student interest system is to develop the students according to their potentials and talents.  If there is no specification, students will not develop optimally because they are not directed. He said that the majoring of student studies are based on groups of subjects that cannot stand alone and  must be combined with character development and extracurricular activities. In any subject it is not only focused on cognitive elements, but also includes the ability to think critically, analyze, organize, and social empathy.

Meanwhile, curriculum expert from State University of Jakarta, Yuli Rachmawati reminded schools that determining majors should be based on the desire and ability of the students. Once the major has been determined, the school should still open a cooperative space so that students could learn from each other.

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