SMA Management Transfer Constrained by Funds

Kompas, page 11

The transfer of management of SMA/SMK (high school/ vocational high school) from the municipal/ regency administration to the provincial administration since early 2017 is problematic.  In some areas, budget disbursements have stalled, from school operational assistance funds, teacher professional allowances, to incentives for private teachers/ temporary teachers. Based on information from several school principals in Papua Province, the disbursement of school operational assistance (BOS) still needs to be synchronized with the education principal data (dapodik). Moreover, the disbursement of BOS in SMA level starting this year is no longer per three months, but changed to six months.

Chairman of the Indonesia Teachers Association (PGRI) of Merauke Regency Sergius Womsiwor said, since the management transfer of SMA/SMK, the disbursement of BOS is always late. The allocation of BOS funds for October-December 2016 was only disbursed in March 2017. The BOS funds from January to May 2017 have not yet been disbursed.  He complained about it because with free schools, education funds rely solely on schools.

According to Sergius, the absence of BOS funds makes schools miserable. Currently, when schools are preparing to hold the final exams, there must be a variety of shopping needs.  He said if the transfer of authority of SMA / SMK to the provincial administration only cause problems on the ground, the policy should be reviewed.  Do not let schools, teachers, and students be sacrificed from the bureaucratic inadequacy of education management.

Meanwhile, Head of Secondary Education of Papua Province Education Agency Albert H Lantang admitted there has been no payment of BOS funds for all SMA/ SMK in Papua. This is because there is a change in BOS payment system from quarterly to every semester. According to Albert, the reason for disbursement of SMA/SMK BOS funds to be per semester is to provide an opportunity for schools to improve data of problematic BOS recipients.

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