Campus Needs to Early Detect Indications of Radicalism and Intolerance

Indonesia Rectors’ Forum (FRI) appealed to all university leaders to detect indications of radicalism and intolerance on campus. It follows up the ban from the Minister of Research and Technology, Mohammad Nasir and Menkopolhukam (Coordinating Minister of Politics, Law and Security), Wiranto on movements against the Pancasila in the campus environment. FRI chairman Suyatno reminded, the campus is a vehicle to educate students who would later be able to contribute to the nation and state. He said there are now indications of radicalism and intolerance entering the campus. There is strong indication that the campus is the target.

Thus, he said that FRI has appealed and asked higher education institutions to conduct Tri Dharma oath.  Meaning to conduct education and teaching in accordance with the higher education system. Suyatno reminded that universities should teach the right education.  University leaders should also monitor the context of material taught by lecturers. So that there should be no lecturers who teach outside the context.

In addition, he said that universities should monitor research results and researches conducted by lecturers and students. Because research results should not be misleading or be misused and exploited for crime. Finally, community service must have productive and consumptive values for welfare. Then university leaders must monitor every student organization activity. Ensure that every activity has a proper supervisor.



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