Strata-2 and Strata-3 Scholarships for Lecturers

Kompas, page 11

The government supports the improvement of the education qualifications of lecturers to the doctoral education level through scholarship programs. There are nearly 3,000 educational scholarships available for lecturers to study domestically and overseas in efforts to improve lecturers’ capacity in state and private universities. Director General of Science and Technology Resources and Higher Education of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Ali Ghufron Mukti said his party was working with the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (Aminef) to facilitate postgraduate study scholarships for lecturers to a number of universities in the United States.

The cooperation began in 2009 and was extended in 2013 until May 29, 2017.  The continuation of the program is extended again until 2021 with increased quota for lecturers from 20 lecturers per year to 50 lecturers per year.

Aminef Executive Director, Alan H Feinstein said that the cost of lecturer education is borne by the Government of Indonesia, while Aminef bears guidance and orientation fees. This program has been benefited by 180 people consisting of 120 people attaining doctoral degrees, 24 received master’s degree, 2 conducting researches for their doctoral program, and 34 Indonesian researchers who have conducted postdoctoral research at universities in the United States.

Meanwhile, the Fullbright-Ristekdikti Scholarship is also awarded for post-doctoral researchers. They will conduct research for four to six months at an accredited university in the US. Ghufron said the Fullbright-Ristekdikti scholarship is only one of the lecturer education scholarship schemes. There is also the Indonesian Excellent Lecturer Scholarship (BUDI) for domestic with as many as 750 lecturers and overseas BUDI for 100 lecturers.

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