DPR (People’s Representative Council) Requests Campuses to Use Discretion in Choosing Rectors


Vice Chairman of DPR (People’s Representative Council) Commission X RI, Abdul Fikri Faqih, responded to the polemic regarding the appointment of university rectors directly selected by the president. Fikri stated that this was the time for the government to provide wide discretion relating to such rector selection to the internal organs of universities.

He said that the government should transfer such matters to the internal organs of universities. Fikri looked at it as the government being more independent and being able to continue consolidating democratic life on campuses. In other words, this is not just at the theoretical level, but also application at the practical level.

Fikri admitted that all this time there has been a problem in implementing democracy among academic communities in universities. The problem regarding the regulation of the selection of rectors where 30 percent lie in the rights of the Minister (Menristekdikti). Therefore, the candidates receiving the highest internal vote tally may not be chosen because they lack the minister’s support. In  his view, transferring the selection of  rectors to the president will not resolve the problem with the internal organs of universities but further complicate them. This is due to the bureaucracy to the president will take longer.

According to Fikri, all this time the selection of rectors under Menristekdikti has really taken a long time. The selection process will be even longer should this be decided by the president.

Link: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/pendidikan/dunia-kampus/17/06/02/oqw6f2368-dpr-minta-kampus-diberi-keleluasaan-memilih-rektor


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