Ministry of Home Affairs and 63 Universities Establish Understanding

Kompas, page 4

The government through the Ministry of Home Affairs established an understanding with 63 rectors of state and private universities to strengthen the implementation of the understanding of nationalism and defending the country by the young generation on campus. Activities of study orientation and campus introduction will be a means of strengthening the implementation of nationalism and making it down to earth in everyday life.

Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo said the memorandum of understanding does not merely focus on strengthening Pancasila and nationalism in the campus environment. In the preparation of work programs, as part of an integrated community, campuses and students have a role and need to involve themselves in every political decision-making of development in the region.

Tjahjo said the government wants the universities and all the resources that are in it to help the development of mindset in the community to move together and make development successful. The Rector is a strategic partner of the central, provincial and regency/ municipal administrations in the development planning and research interchanges. He added that his party wants to synergize with higher education that critically and conceptually provide input and supervise on regional policy.

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