University Students are Expected being Able to Develop Villages

University students are expected to develop villages, especially to develop Information Technology (IT) in villages. This was stated by the Head of Center for Research and Development of the Ministry of Villages, Ir Leroy Samy Uguy, MA, Ph.D.

One of the paths to make these students understand about village is through Community Service (KKN), such as Gadjah Mada University (UGM) students who take KKN in Sangatta West Village, Sangatta West Sub-district, East Kutai Regency.

Leroy said that through this activity the students are expected to be able to become future facilitators or community care to develop IT in villages and create village-owned enterprises under the concept “village develops through involving the participation of village communities”. This KKN is realized by the implementation of the development program Agribis-Lestari Forest edge area based on IT in Sangatta West Village. Therefore, the potential of this area can be developed.




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