PGRI Urges Temporary Teachers to Become Contract Employees

Koran Sindo, page 2

Chairman of the Board of the Indonesian Teachers’ Association (PB PGRI) Unifah Rasyidi said, many regional heads complained to her that they are in shortage of teachers. Not only remote areas, even DKI Jakarta alone admitted to be in shortage of teachers. They covered it by recruiting temporary teachers.

The government, she added, should consider the data of 3.2 million teachers the government has could not cover the shortage of teachers.  Moreover, many teachers will retire.  She also asked the government through the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan-RB) to appoint qualified temporary teachers with the status of Government Employee with Work Agreement (PPPK).

She also requested that temporary teachers in remote areas be given the opportunity to become PPPK.  If their competence is inappropriate, they could be sent to school again with a dual system. In addition to being paid on a salary in accordance with the PPPK standard, the temporary teachers will be guaranteed health and work safety protection.

Chairman of PB PGRI Sugito added he wanted the PPPK contract agreement of temporary teachers to be done just once. Because, if conducted every year, they are feared to become victims of extortion of regional administration perpetrators. He will also bring the proposal to Kemendikbud so that the teaching period of temporary teachers be also appreciated in order to meet the passing grade requirements of contract employees, for example the working period of 20 years could be rated 3.

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