Rector Elections Lead to Politicizing

Kompas, page 12, Saturday, June 3

The discourse involving the President in the election of the Rector of state universities (PTN) is considered to lead to the politicization of academic institutions. Despite the background of the mission of radicalism control on campus, the discourse must be examined critically as it is against the era of autonomy. Chairman of the Advisory Council of Indonesia Rectors’ Forum (FRI) Rochmat Wahab said, in the implementation of PTN, there should be no political strength that is put forward or strengthened. Although political matters cannot be altogether separated from the campus, it must be remembered the higher education institution (PT) is an academic institution and has campus autonomy. According to him the involvement again of the President in determining the Rector means returning the post of Rector as an echelon I official.  It is also necessary to consider the consequences on the changes of existing rules.

Chairman of the Indonesian State University Rectors’ Council Herry Suhardiyanto warned there will be various consequences arising if the President is involved in the selection and determination of the Rector. Herry said that the involvement of the President’s authority in the election of the state university rector associated with the threat of radicalism should be considered.

Currently, Herry continued, the main problem generally faced by PTN is the limited funding for research development and facilities / infrastructures of the quality standard of educational support.  In addition, the welfare of lecturers and education personnel should be paid more attention to by the government. These matters should be prioritized for government handling.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences Satryo Soemantri Brodjonegoro stated, government intervention can be done if campus conditions conflict with Pancasila.  Let it not be for personal or group interests.

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