Student commits suicide due to ‘bad’ result

The Jakarta Post, page 5

A female student of state junior high school SMP 2 Manisrenggo in Klaten, Central Java, has committed suicide, reportedly because she was disappointed with her National Exam (UN) grades. Berly Dyah, 16, was found hanging in the kitchen of her house in Kebondalem Lor village, Klaten.

Kebondalem Lor village head Agus Nugroho, who is also the victim’s relative, said she committed suicide after returning home with her mother, Nurhayati, from school to receive her UN results on Friday. Shortly after arriving home, Berly, apparently disappointed with her grades, confined herself to her room.

Agus said Berly had planned to study at the prestigious state senior high school SMA 1 Kalasan but was unable to do so with her grades. Agus said he didn’t know about Berly exam result, her mother said the grades were not [good] enough to enroll at SMA 1 Kalasan.

After locking herself up for several hours, Berly reportedly left her room at around 12:30 p.m. Her older sister, Aisyah, thought she wanted to go to the bathroom but after one hour, she noticed Berly had not returned to her room. She later found that her sister had committed suicide by hanging herself in the kitchen. Several neighbors strove to help the student but she was dead.

Berly was known for her academic achievements, having won poetry and short story competitions in Klaten. Agus said Berly’s parents had never forced her to enroll at SMA 1 Kalasan. Berly’s grandfather Tuhono, 65, said that it seemed she was so motivated to get into SMA 1 Kalasan that failing made her ashamed.

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