Students Worry of Being Silenced

Republika, page 2

The National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT) is said to be directly supervising student organizations. Students worry, the discourse is as a tool to silence students indirectly. This was expressed by Chairman of the Student Representative’s Council (DPM) of YAI University Jakarta, Firda Apriyanti.

Firda said that if it is true BNPT will enter and supervise every student activity, then students who should be able to think critically, become restrained due to strict supervision.  According to him, if BNPT’s goal to enter the campus is to supervise radical students, they do not necessarily join an organization. Because sometimes, those who follow different ideologies, are usually people who keep to themselves and do not like to be involved in organizations.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Executive Board of Islamic Students Association (HMI), Mulyadi Tamsir supports the proposal that the National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT) enter the campus.  However, he disputes the assumption that radicalism has been ‘playing’ in the campus environment.

Mulyadi said all citizens and the young generation should take part in tackling the danger of terrorism. Because, terrorism is a common enemy. He viewed positively the counseling or familiarizing of the danger of terrorism on campus. According to Mulyadi, the format of the BNPT program in campuses could be done through familiarizing or utilizing campus organizations, both intercampus and extra-campus, to create discussion groups.

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