Appointment of Headmasters should be Free from Illegal Payments

Teachers Association of the Republic of Indonesia (PGRI) urged all parties involved to ensure the appointment of headmasters in senior high schools are made on level terms. Level terms here includes being free from illegal payments (pungli). The head of PGRI Sulawesi Tenggara (Sultra), Dr Halim Momo, said in Kendari that headmasters are expected to be appointed based on their abilities. Thus, there will be high quality persons filling the positions.

He said that appointment of bureaucratic officials (including headmasters) was usually accompanied by tales of illegal payments being made. This should not happen because it demeans government authority and will potentially fail the achievement of quality in education.

He also urged teachers who already met the requirements as stipulated in Law Number 28 Year 2010 concerning Appointment Criteria for Teachers and Headmasters not to be tempted by parties promising positions.

Meanwhile, the Head of Secondary Education Section of Education and Culture Board of Sultra, Sainal Kamase, said that there was legislation and a mechanism for the appointment of headmasters, stressing that the appointments were based on their abilities.




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