Indonesia to Lack 9,000 Lecturers by 2021

The Director General (Dirjen) of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) Ali Ghufron Mukti, said that among the requirements to become a lecturer was a minimum certification of S-2. This requirement is in accordance with UU Number 14 Year 2005 concerning Teachers and Lecturers. However, based on Kemristekdikti data, 34,933 lecturers in Indonesia are still only certified at S-1 level.

According to Ghufron, this data shows the lack of fully qualified lecturers is being increasingly felt, because each year some 1,200 to 2,000 lecturers retire. Therefore, in six years’ time Indonesia will face a shortage of some 9,000 lecturers if on average 1,500 lecturers retire each year, as at the present time almost no new lecturers are being appointed.

From Ghufron viewpoint, the participation of lecturers is huge for universities as they are a vital component of the campus academic community. Moreover, the lecturers’ ability to teach also plays a significant role in determining the quality of graduating students. Due to this point, Ghufron said, the government continues to introduce a range of policies to counteract the shortage of lecturers. Currently, it is implementing a policy of granting Special Lecturer Identification Number (NIDK) to retirees or professional people who are willing to teach.

A graduate of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), he also said that in order to upgrade the qualification of lecturers, the government must also provide access to scholarships for master (S-2) and doctoral (S-3) courses both inside and outside Indonesia. This is because with the shortage of S-2 certified lecturers there is also a lack of professors in Indonesia, just 5,389 at present. This is well short of the 22,000 professors ideally required to be equal to the existing study programs (Prodi), which number around 23,000.

There are currently three scholarship schemes on offer: Educational Scholarship for Postgraduate Program in the Country (BPP-DN), Affirmation Scholarships for New State Universities (PTNB), and Educational Scholarships for Master to Doctor Program for Excellence Scholars (PMDSU).




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