Keep away from Practical Politics

Kompas, page 12

Universities must stay ahead in developing the intellectuality of the nation. For that reason, partisan or practical politics should be kept away from the academic community. The government is also expected not to implement a higher education policy based on momentary political interests. Chairman of the Indonesian Rectors’ Forum (FRI), Suyatno said that the association of state and private university rectors in the FRI showed commitment to contribute, care and commit to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) based on the principles of Pancasila (Five Foundations) and Bhinneka Tungga Ika (Unity in Diversity).

According to Suyatno, universities should strengthen inputs to provide solutions to the challenges facing the nation through its academic studies. Universities (PT) should be a mainstay to produce clear and objective thinking and do not participate in practical politics.

Rector of the University of Indonesia Muhammad Anis with the UI academic community also stated the commitment to maintain the integrity of NKRI with the spirit of Pancasila.   UI remains and continues to uphold the principle of freedom of association and opinion as guaranteed by the constitution as long as it is held within the corridor of prevailing laws and regulations.   UI strongly opposes all forms of radicalism, including hate speech, both on and off campus.

Meanwhile, Director General of Science and Technology and Higher Education Resources, Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education Ali Ghufron Mukti said, PT should be able to support the vision and mission of the government in nation building, including in the fight against radicalism. According to Ghufron, the government that owns PTN can ask the PTN leadership to fully support the program of radicalism abolition on campus or other development programs.

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