Many Schools Expected to Apply Curriculum 2013

Dinas Pendidikan Dinas dan Kebudayaan (Dispendasbud) Mimika Regency, Papua Province is targeting more and more primary (SD) and junior high schools (SMP) in the region to implement Curriculum 2013 (K-13).  Curriculum Section Head of Dispendasbud Mimika, Manto Ginting, in Timika, Monday (5/6/2017), said that as many as 18 junior and 28 primary schools are targeted to apply K-13 in the new 2017 academic year.

Manto said last year there were seven SMP and 50 primary schools (SD). So for SMP there are approximately 20 schools remaining while SD there are more or less 100 remaining that have not applied K-13 especially small schools and in the interior/ remote areas.  He explained that the Mimika Education Agency had asked schools in the region to implement the K-13. However, it is considered a failure because the teachers have not been prepared.

He added that schools that implement the K-13 are schools whose teachers have followed the K-13 technical guidance (bimtek).  After which his agency would issue a decree for the school concerned to apply K-13.

To support the implementation of K-13 in Mimika, scheduled for the second week of June, the Papua Province Education Quality Assurance Institute (LPMP) will conduct training for primary and junior high school teachers in the region. In addition to bimtek, the education agency also scheduled the procurement of teacher and student textbooks this year specifically for state schools.


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