3,000 Damaged Junior High School (SMP) Buildings Need to be Rehabilitated


The school building is an important component in the world of education. A place for students to take shelter and obtain knowledge.  However, today many buildings are found to be not worth using or damaged. Based on the education principal data (Dapodik) of December 2016, there are 7,000 junior high schools reportedly damaged. Section Head of Facilities and Infrastructure, Directorate of Junior High School Development of Kemdikbud, Firdaus Yunidarta said that data of damage buildings from Dapodik after verification showed differences. The government is obliged to repair 3,000 schools that fall under the category of lightly and heavily damaged schools.

Therefore, in solving the problem, in the data verification he involves universities (PTs) with Civil Engineering facilities in the respective regions; because the role of PTs is very helpful in accelerating the data collection process. Nevertheless, he said that not all PTs that have Civil Engineering faculties are involved. To date the ministry only cooperated with 23 PTs throughout the country.

He explained the school renovations will be done in three stages.  For the first phase there are 906 schools that have received Decrees (SK) to be rehabilitated. For this first phase, he said that the funds have been disbursed for the repair of 700 schools in Lampung, Mataram, Kupang, South Sulawesi and North Maluku. While for the Aceh region although listed in the first phase of repair yet the funds have not been disbursed.

As for stage two, it has been listed that 619 schools passed the rehabilitation verification, while the last stage the number of schools is not much different from stage two. He said the central government targeted the improvement to last four months or 120 days after the funds are disbursed.

Link: http://www.beritasatu.com/kesra/434932-3000-gedung-smp-yang-rusak-perlu-direhabilitasi.html 


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