Bappenas Strategy to Secure Indonesian Demographic Bonus

Indonesia in 2030-2040 is predicted to experience a demographic bonus period, namely the number of productive age population aged 15-64 years is greater than the population of unproductive age or those under 15 years and above 64 years.  In that period the productive population is predicted to increase by 64 percent of the total population of Indonesia which is projected to reach 297 million people.

Minister of National Planning and Development (PPN) / Head of Bappenas, Bambang Brodjonegoro, said that the government will focus on two issues to overcome this period, namely labor and education issues. According to him, how to overcome the demographic bonus in the future is to strengthen the competitiveness of the workforce through quality education.

Therefore, there are four main strategies for implementation, namely, firstly, competency certification, secondly, development of partnership program, thirdly, improvement in the governance of training programs, and fourthly, expansion of sector or sub-sector economic scale with high productivity.  For education, the strategy is through improving access, quality, and relevance of education, including developing vocational education to strengthen innovation capabilities and enhance creativity.

Furthermore, Bambang explained that Indonesian skilled human resources come from vocational education such as Vocational High School (SMK) and Polytechnic and also  non-formal education, through Training Centers (BLK) and courses and training services. This non-formal path is expected to provide skills for people who cannot continue on to higher education. He continued that currently the government is implementing revitalization of SMKs with the main purpose of increasing the number of graduates and improving the quality of students. Compliance between the skills of graduates with the needs of industry is also a major concern in the strategy of revitalizing SMK.



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