PPDB in SMA/ SMK in Banten in a Shambles

Indopos, page 10

New Student Admissions (PPDB) in a number of state high schools (SMA) and state vocational high schools (SMKN) in Banten Province was in a shambles. Because the online PPDB system implemented by the Office of Education and Culture (Dindikbud) Banten Province did not run as expected by the community. The online registration system for high school was very slow. While the online system to enter SMKN could not even be used alias offline.   As a result, students who wished to register online were restless.

Since morning at 07.30 WIB, the graduates of junior high school (SMP)/ equivalents and their parents came to the state high schools and state vocational high schools which were the destinations to continuing school; because the SMP graduates and their parents had difficulty registering through the online system.

They hoped by coming to the destination schools they would be able to register.   Unfortunately, the wishes of the students and their parents were against RI Government Regulation No. 17/2010 concerning Management and Implementation of Education, especially Article 74 (paragraphs 1 and 2) and Article 82 (paragraphs 1 and 2) on Student Admissions at the Primary/ Secondary Education Units that are objective, transparent, and accountable must go online.

Junior high school graduates and their parents complained that online admissions websites could not be opened and very slowly.  Separately, SMA Curriculum Section Head (Kasi), Dindikbud Banten, Adang Abdurahman upon confirmation affirmed that the online system on new student admissions in 2017 was problematic. That’s because, the registration was done simultaneously.

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