Science has not been taken into account

Kompas, page 12

The potentials of science and technology in supporting national economic growth has not been taken into account. As a result, investment in research development, both in universities as well as research institutions, is still minimal. Investment to support the strengthening and development of research is still far from the need to produce innovations that could improve the competitiveness of the nation. It surfaced in discussions on return on investment (ROI) for public sector investment, especially in higher education and research, in Jakarta, Tuesday (6/6).

Alan O`Connor, an economist from research institute Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International, said universities increasingly play an important role in economic growth. Its potential in generating a lot of research should be seen in its impact on economic growth. Investment in research in universities needs to be calculated, how much it contributes to economic growth.

Alan said the ROI dimension to see the results of research investments in improving growth and competitiveness, among others, by calculating its impact on the development of the world of work and productivity, industry-university collaborations, start-up companies and emerging industries, as well as new services and technologies.

Meanwhile, Director General of Research and Development Strengthening Kemristek Dikti Muhammad Dimyati said, science and technology in Indonesia has not been eyed for the development of the national economy. In fact, science and technology becomes important to give birth to innovations that dominate in the country. From a study of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), about 58 percent of Indonesia’s innovations are dominated by other countries.   Actually, Indonesia wants to realize national independence based on science and technology.


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