Starting July, Schools Open Just 5 Days a Week

The Director General (Dirjen) of Teacher and Educational Personnel of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Sumarna Surapranata said that the policy of schools operating just 5 days a week will be applied from July 2017. This was stated by Sumarna after opening Education and Training for Headmaster Candidates of Senior High School (SMA)/Vocational High School (SMK) in Makassar, on Tuesday (6/6).

From Sumarna’s viewpoint, government is discussing the regulation related to this policy. Meanwhile, for the regulation to manage working time of teachers and headmasters, he mentioned that this was explained in PP Number 19 Year 2005. In this regulation, working hours of teachers and headmasters are 40 hours per week with break time of around 30 minutes per day, or actual working hours of 37.5 hours per week.

Therefore, he continued that time of school and work would be 5 days from Monday to Friday, while Saturday and Sunday were for families, including teachers’ families. Sumarna expectations are that this policy will also support development of the tourism sector, because Saturday and Sunday can be used for family gatherings and outings.

He was optimistic that this policy will run properly in the future, while school also prepared the additional facilities that were required. Currently, there are private schools implementing this policy. In the future, all schools are expected to implement this policy with several adjustments such as canteen facilities and prayer room (ruang sholat).



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