Surabaya Has Nearly 1,400 Reading Parks

Surabaya has 1,399 community reading parks (TBM), which are spread among villages, schools, urban parks and Islamic boarding schools.  According to the Head of Library and Archives Agency of Surabaya City Wiwiek Widayati, Tuesday, one of the TBMs which to date has many visitors is Taman Flora in Manyar Street.  She said TBM Taman Flora has more than two thousand reading collections, ranging from children’s stories, novels, religious books, to books on various skills.

He said the collection of TBM books is quite small when compared to the library because it is made small and is spread to be easily accessible to residents. In addition to providing reading parks, the city government also opened the facilities of Broadband Learning Centers (BLC), a place for computer education and free internet for residents. Now there are 22 BLCs scattered in various areas of Surabaya City.

The city government seeks to increase TBM visitors in every community neighborhood (Rukun Warga) by bringing in personnel to direct children using the service. Wiwik said that there are three other factors considered to have a big share in surging reading interest in children, namely, families, schools and communities. One easiest way to cultivate a child’s interest in reading is to make a habit of reading tales/ story reading to children before bedtime.


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