2.9 Million Children Not Reached by KIP

Kompas, page 12

Amid President Joko Widodo’s incessant distribution of Indonesia Smart Cards (KIP) in the regions, there are still 2.9 million children in the country who have not been reached by the Smart Indonesia Program services. Regional administrations are asked to proactively participate. It was revealed in the Education and Culture Policy Discussion with the Mass Media, in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/6).  Secretary of the Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education Kemdikbud Thamrin Kasman said the children who have not received the benefits of the Smart Indonesia Program are school dropouts or not in school.

Regional administrations and communities are asked to encourage these children to take advantage of this central government program so they can return to formal education, non-formal education, and course institutions. The Smart Indonesia Program aims to help students from poor families who have been in school so as not to be constrained by school fees.

Mendikbud’s Special Staff Alpha Amirrachman said referring to the latest data from the National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K), there are as many as 2.9 million children not in school complete with names and addresses.  Nationally, this year’s KIP target is 17,927,308 people. Recorded as recipients are poor and prone to poor students who sit in primary school, junior high, and high school/ vocational high school.

According to Thamrin, regional administrations (pemda) should provide assistance at the local level because the data owned by the region with TNP2K are often contradictory. The pemda should be concerned with the problem of KIP recipient data.   Do not allow inaction if there are poor students or school drop-out children who have not received KIP.   He also expects pemda, the school, and the community/people to inform about KIP, including the way/mode of disbursement. There were cases found where KIP recipients who were school dropouts were reluctant to use KIP to study again. Others do not understand the disbursement of KIP.


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