No More UN Score Held, as Student Arrears Removed

Media Indonesia, page 21

Cavan Ayunkan Faqih, a IX grade student of Junior High School (SMP) Glora Bekasi feels a little calmer today. Her National Exam (UN) score that had been held by the school since Saturday (3/6) has finally been released. Herdian Faturahim, Cavan’s father said that her UN score was finally given out yesterday (Tuesday 6/6) and now Cavan is ready to register at school.

Herdian said that six students of SMP Glora Bekasi whose UN score were held by the school had been called to meet their headmaster. At the start, the students were called to receive a briefing; however, at the end of the meeting, their UN score were distributed. After this, Herdian intends to take care of his family administration such as change of domicile, family identity card (KK) change and economic incapacity certificate (SKTM) to ease receiving a government grant should this be necessary one day.

The headmaster of SMP Glora Bekasi, Supriyanto, confirmed that he had already distributed UN results for all IX grade students. From Supriyanto’s viewpoint, appeals had been to Cavan’s parents since VII grade to obtain SKTM. However, this had not been done because they had KTP of DKI Jakarta, not Bekasi City.

In regard to this point, the Head of Primary Education of Disdik Bekasi, Krisman Irwandi said that he strongly supported the parents of such students to obtain SKTM. For as he continued, the Bekasi Government (Pemkot Bekasi) had set aside grant funds amounting to 4 billion rupiah.







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