Pancasila Work Unit Eyes Schools and Campuses

Republika, page 1

President Joko Widodo formally inaugurated the Steering Committee and Head of the Presidential Work Unit for Development of Pancasila Ideology (UKP-PIP) at the State Palace, yesterday (7/6). UKP-PIP is established based on Presidential Decree No. 31 of 2017, and is expected to work optimally to implement Pancasila values in the life of the nation and state.

The President placed Yudi Latif as head of UKP-PIP, and it is hoped that this institution will not only provide familiarizing and debriefing but also conduct measurement on the Pancasila implementation with various indicators.

Yudi Latif said that UKP-PIP will not only work on the surface, but would be more systematic and structured. Nevertheless, he asked that the public not place excessive expectations on UKP-PIP due to the limited authority it has. Because the authorities related to Pancasila teaching exist in related ministries, such as Kemendikdbud and Kemenristekdikti. He added that UKP-PIP could only help to make the teaching materials up to the methodology of Pancasila to be of better quality, interesting and in line with the times.

Yudi also ensured that UKP PIP will empower various parties in reviving the joint cooperation (gotong royong) values in Pancasila. It will also involve communities such as religious leaders, humanists, filmmakers, journalists up to traditional (adat) leaders.

Meanwhile, related to the existence of UKP-PIP, Head of Pancasila Study Center of Gadjah Mada University (PSP UGM), Heri Santoso, rates that it is in line with the recommendation of PSP UGM that the state must be present to conduct the state ideology development/ coaching. However, he admitted that he is worried after seeing the very limited structure and authority. He also hopes the presence of UKP-PIP is not mere lip service and could do more.

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