Preventing Radicalism, Government Asked to Revise Campus Curriculum

Political observer from Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic University, Jakarta, Adi Prayitno advised the government through the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to revise the higher education curriculum. Curriculum revision is believed to be able to prevent the growth of radicalism on campus. One of the important points to be revised, according to Adi, is regarding the subject of Pancasila and Civics.  According to him, the study hours of the two courses are currently too few, giving the impression of merely being supporting subjects.

Adi said that additional course study hours on Pancasila is really necessary. Moreover, the subject of Pancasila has been studied since junior and senior high school, so it is better if the curriculum on Pancasila in universities is delivered more in depth.  Students also need to be given special demands to truly understand the values of diversity contained in Pancasila. In that way, Adi said that radical understanding will be difficult to enter the minds of the students.

Adi revealed that so far students have minimal enthusiasm during Pancasila lectures. That happens because there are no special demands imposed on students in understanding the values of Pancasila.

He added that curriculum revision is more useful and influential than revising the process of rector election. According to him, although the Rector is elected by presidential approval, no one can guarantee that radicalism does not enter and develop on campuses.


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