Kemrisktekdikti Takes Measures to Counter Extremism Movements

The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) has already prepared measures to prevent the development of movements against Pancasila values, extremism, and intolerance on campuses. Such measures will take the form of a General Education program, as was stipulated by Menristekdikti, Mohammad Nasir in Tarakan, on Thursday (8/6).

Nasir explained the program under the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs (Belmawa) attempts to plant the seeds of a national vision, safeguard our autonomy, love of nation, as well as pluralism for academic communities on campuses.

Menristekdikti together with rectors of State Universities (PTN)/ Private Universities (PTS) in Kalimantan on Saturday (8/6) signed an anti-extremism declaration entitled “From Kalimantan for Indonesia” or in Indonesian “Dari Kalimantan untuk Indonesia” in Borneo Tarakan University. This declaration is a commitment from the universities in Kalimantan on the efforts to prevent extremism, terrorism, and drug abuse in universities. Previously, a similar declaration was signed by universities in Sumatra.

On this occasion, Nasir also told the students to consider the technological development. He said that they should use information technology wisely so that it will not “boomerang”. Expanding, Nasir went on to say that information technology should be used for spreading information to develop the country. Information technology developments realized through social medias should not be used to defile other people.




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