Kupang SLB Teachers Unpaid for 5 Months

Kompas, page 12

From February to June, 30 teachers of civil servant status who work in elementary and junior high schools for children with special needs in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara have not received their salaries. To manage their lives, some of these teachers have been forced to borrow from neighbors.

Headmaster of School for Special Needs (SLB) of Asuhan Kasih Kota Kupang Amini, said in Kupang on Saturday (8/6) that since the transfer of management from regency/city to the provincial government, the salaries of SLB teachers at the Elementary School (SD) and Junior High School (SMP) in Kupang City have not been paid. This is despite the teachers having already submitted the requested requirements relating to the process of change from city to province status to the Education and Culture Board of Kupang City in October 2016.

These teachers have tried to meet the officials of Kupang City Government and several officials in regard to the status of their salaries. However, the officials all gave the same reason that the status of the teachers had been transferred to province from February 2017.

The Secretary of Education and Culture Board of NTT, Alo Min, said that the mechanics of the transfer began with the sending of the teachers’ documentation from the education and culture board of regency/city to Local Civil Service Agency (BKD), which was next continued by their transfer to National Civil Service Agency (BKN). The BKN result is then sent to the province for realization. To date, however, the province has not received the documentation of the Kupang City SLB teachers from BKN.

Alo Min added that BKD of Kupang City had submitted SLB teachers’ documents to BKN in Bali-Nusra Area in Denpasar, and BKN Denpasar had already completed the registration of the transfer of teachers’ status. From there, the documents continued to the BKN center in Jakarta, where they are currently still being processed.




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