Protests over Five-day School Policy

Republika, page 4

Several parties have protested the policy released by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) in regard to schools opening five days a week with eight hours study a day.

The Assistant General Head of the Council of Indonesian Ulama (MUI), Zainut Tauhid, believed that such a policy would have a negative effect on religious education managed by non-governmental organizations. Zainut requested Kemendikbud to review the policy because religious education is usually carried out after school hours.

Zainut explained that education through the model of Islamic primary education (Madrasah Diniyah) and Islamic boarding school already made a major contribution in strengthening religious values. This also contributes to building character and planting the seeds of moral standing in students. However, with 8 hours a day dedicated to standard education, there will certainly be less time for the Islamic education (Madrasah) model. Nevertheless, the existence of Islamic education is still necessary and required by communities.

In answer to this point, the Director General of Primary and Secondary Education of Kemendikbud, Hamid Muhammad stated that application of the policy for schools to be open five days a week would follow two alternate paths. First, students undertake learning activity using school facilities for a full day, from morning to evening. Second, students study at school until afternoon, after which they continue to other educational institutions, such as Islamic primary education, Islamic boarding school, art studio, sport stadium, museum, or other study places they chose themselves.

Meanwhile, the Head of Legal Bureau and Organization of Kemendikbud, Dian Wahyuni stated that the Ministerial Regulation in regard to the policy of schools opening five days was targeted to be completed this week. He continued that the policy would be started for academic year 2017/2018.


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