SBMPTN Results to be Announced Tomorrow

Koran Sindo, page 2

The State University Joint Entrance Selection (SBMPTN) enters the final stage. Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) will announce tomorrow the 128,085 students accepted in the SBMPTN.

Menristekdikti, Mohammad Nasir said that there will certainly be many students who are not accepted through this national written exam selection because of the limited capacity of state universities which cannot accommodate all the high school graduates. He hopes that the students who are not selected would still have the fighting spirit to apply in other state universities (PTN) or private universities (PTS).

This year the number of SBMPTN 2017 applicants reached 797,738 people. They consist of 639,581 registrants of the regular path and 158,157 registrants of the Bidik Misi scholarship path. While the total campuses registered in SBMPTN are 85 PTNs which will be contested by 128,085 prospective students. Based on data, registrants for the social humanities path are still greater than that for science technology. Social and humanities (soshum) reached 260,943 people whereas science technology (sainstek) reached 256,689.

Nasir explained that the independent path with capacity quota set for 30% can be the last alternative for participants who do not pass the SBMPTN. Nasir also denied that the tuition in the independent path will be more expensive than the State University Entrance National Selection (SNMPTN) or SBMPTN. Student fees from these three channels will all be the same in compliance to the single tuition policy (UKT).

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