Teachers Encouraged to Introduce Children’s Songs

Kompas, page 12, Saturday, June 10

Kindergarten (TK) and primary school (SD) teachers need to serve as the front guard in introducing children’s songs to students. If not introduced since early on children’s songs are threatened to be forgotten. According to Dian Hadiprabowo, a music producer, a teacher is the person who most often interacts directly with children. With almost daily meetings with students they can understand what kind of children’s songs the students need.

Dian said that kindergarten and primary school teachers should play a role as supplier of nutrition for students’ ears, which are age-appropriate children’s songs.  The songs introduced are a medium containing moral messages to the listeners.

Lecturer of the Music Arts Department of State University of Jakarta, Caecilia Hardiarini said that the role of kindergarten and primary school teachers should be improved given the circulation of children’s songs is more difficult to find. The teacher in question is not only music arts teachers, but teachers of any subject. In order for them to introduce children’s songs well, the teachers must first deepen their knowledge in the field of music. Among some things that can be learnt is the number notation, musical notes, making lyrics, and also about melody.

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