148,066 People Passed SBMPTN 2017

Kompas, page 11

New student admissions through the State University Joint Entrance Selection (SBMPTN) in the last three years continue to increase. This year, 148,066 people are admitted  in 85 state universities; accepted through the written test track. Students accepted reached 14.36 percent of the total applicants of 797,738. In 2015, the number of students accepted through the written track SBMPTN totaled 115,788 people and in 2016 as many as 126,804 people.

Minister for Research, Technology, and Higher Education Muhammad Nasir said, among the new students admitted there are 38 persons with disabilities. They are not only accepted in special education courses. There are also those accepted in majors such as industrial engineering, accounting, and architecture.  He also said that enthusiasts of bidikmisi scholarship also increased and the quota provided is not sufficient. He asked State Universities (PTN) to find additional.

Director General of Learning and Student Affairs Kemristek Dikti Intan Ahmad said, in accordance with the provisions of the Higher Education Law every state university is required to accept at least 20 percent of students from poor families. Bidikmisi scholarships are awarded for students entering through the non-test selection, SBMPTN, and independent pathways. If the Bidikmisi quota is insufficient, each rector seeks to ensure that the student can still get a scholarship.

Bidikmisi Scholarship recipients through SBMPTN this year reached 23 percent or as many as 34,098 people. The number of Bidikmisi recipients in these three years rose more than 21 percent. Rector of the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) Herry Suhardiyanto said, to increase the shortage of bidikmisi scholarships, IPB raised funds from alumni. Fundraising is also conducted from the private sector.

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