DPR: “Full Day School” Program Should be Wise


House of Representatives Vice Chairman Taufik Kurniawan said that the policy discourse of the Ministry of Education and Culture to apply eight hour a day learning at school or “full day school” should be wise in order not to be contrary to the pattern of religion-based education. He considered the government should be wise in the application of this rule. He said another important thing is also the uniformity in the implementation of the policy.

Taufik reminded, let it not happen that in one region in Indonesia there are those implementing the five-day school but on the other hand there are those who do not or are still applying the six day school.  In addition, Taufik reminded that the policy to be taken by the government should be applied sustainably so that no policy should be changed when the minister changes.

According to him if policies continue to change then there will be confusion among learners such as the current management of Senior High Schools (SMA) taken over by the Provincial Administration which raises many problems. On the other hand, according to him, the budget readiness in Provincial Administrations is questionable so that there is a reduction of student capacity in each class reaching 100 students.

Link: http://www.antaranews.com/berita/634883/dpr-program-full-day-school-harus-bijaksana 

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