Regional Educational Boards to Report Readiness to Adopt Five-Day Schools

The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) said that each education board would report on their schools’ readiness for the five-day school week. The Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy in reports from public hearings with Commission X DPR RI, yesterday, said that in making preparations, his officials had already invited boards of provinces, regencies/cities to report which schools were ready to apply the strengthening of character education (PPK).

Muhadjir also said that application of the five-day school week was not for limited implementation. However, for regions that were obviously in need, the government will provide special treatment.

Mendikbud explained that no one rule in Indonesia was able to equally apply across all regions. This is because Indonesia has such a large population plus a remarkable educational variety. If implementing such a program is not considered feasible in one region, then there is a great possibility that the program will not be implemented there.

He emphasized that the determiner of schools’ readiness for application of the five-day school week was totally dependent on the related educational board. However, he said that Kemendikbud would appreciate those regions that were not ready to implement such policy.



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