Faltered Funds, Lectures at Unipa Dormant Again

Kompas, page 10

Direct/face-to-face lectures of Medicine Faculty students of the University of Papua (FK Unipa) are stalled again because of the operational costs of lectures from the Sorong Regency faltered. Now, students are fighting for their right to study to a number of parties.  Chairperson of Student Executive Board of FK Unipa, Indah Wainsaf said that since 29 April 2017, class lectures at FK Unipa stopped. She said that currently her party is fighting for rights to several parties. There are representatives going to the West Papua Provincial Administration and others to Jakarta.

Dean of FK Unipa, Kanadi Sumadipradja said that the termination of the lectures was due to the stagnant funding from the regional administration to the University of Indonesia Medical Faculty (FKUI) as the supporter of FK Unipa. At that time, the lectures stopped because the funding of Unipa’s teaching to FKUI was not paid. FKUI could no longer send its lecturers to FK Unipa.  A total of 102 students are hampered in their studies.

Sorong Regency Administration had offered to help with some funding of the lectures’ operational cost. Hopefully, this could cover needs at least until 2017. However, the funds provided are only sufficient to finance the operational lectures for approximately six weeks. Kanadi had conveyed to the Rectorate that the operational funds from Sorong Regency Administration were running out. However, there has been no follow-up to date.

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